Treatments-Prices 2024

Here you find an overview of our treatments and corresponding prices. The prices depend on the type of treatment and the duration. For a more extensive description and photographs of a treatment please click “More….”

Traditional Thai Massage (Thai Yoga)

A whole body massage with acupressure to strengthen the complete muscular system, relaxation of the spine, activation of the lymph system, deepening of the breathing and activation of the natural energy. More….

This massage is traditionally performed without the use of massage oil:

60 minutes      €60,00

90 minutes      €85,00

120 minutes    105,00



The finest Etheric oils are used to pleasantly reduce the tension in the body. Total relaxation for body and soul: More….

60 minutes      €55,00

90 minutes      €75,00

120 minutes    €95,00

Chanan-chida Signature Massage

I personally developed this special massage as a combination of Traditional Thai Massage, the Aroma Oil massage and the application of heated original Thai herbal stamps from ecological farming or the volcanic hot stones that you will experience as an unforgettable wellness session: More….

from 90 minutes      €85,00

120 minutes          €110,00


Thai-Back massage

A soft massage with exotic balm, upon request with warm herbal stamps. Especially recommended when suffering back problems, tension and migraine: More….

30 minutes     €45,00

60 minutes     €55,00


Placement of warm (and cold) hot volcanic stones will improve the blood circulation and the circulation of the lymph system. The metabolism is stimulated, the energy distribution harmonized and the complete organism is vitalized: More….

60 minutes      €55,00

90 minutes      €75,00

120 minutes    €95,00

Thai-Feet massage

Sea salt peeling including a warm foot bath followed by a relaxing massage with balm focusing on the energy pressure points and reflex zones of the feet and legs: More….

30 minutes      €45,00

60 minutes      €55,00


Candle oil Massage

The oil of an aromatic candle contains nurturing ingredients (Vitamins E, A and B), Etheric oil wax varieties and –butters and when warm is massaged in to the skin. Tension of the muscles disappear, the elasticity of the skin is recovered and the skin feels young and soft again. The candles have been tested dermatologically and do not contain any dyes and preservatives: More….

60 minutes      €65,00

90 minutes      €90,00

120 minutes    €110,00