Thai Yoga – Traditional Thai-Massage

The traditional Thai Massage, in the Thai language also called “Nuad Phaen Boran”, which means so much as the Ancient healing Touch, is a massage that has been practiced successfully for more than 2500 years. Pressing and stretching of the acupressure points and energy lines results in a long-lasting and deep state of relaxation. This is a perfect way to get rid of your daily stress in a pleasant Thai atmosphere.

The ancient traditional Thai massage is revitalizing and the body’s energy, the Zen, can freely flow through the body again. The perfusion of blood through the body is also improved, resulting in an optimized delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the organs and tissues. The density of muscle- and fibrous tissue is normalized so that harmful waste substances can leave the body in a natural way.

The natural rhythm recovers and the body returns to a harmonious state, blockades like sleeping disorders, inner stress, muscle tension and even chronic headaches will usually disappear and the body’s immune system will recover and become more effective.

Why not make an appointment for this 2500 year old proven massage and you will notice that in these stressful and hectic times you can find back your inner balance.

Our treatment: Body massage with acupressure to strengthen the complete muscular system, relax and free the spine, activating the lymph system, deepening of the breathing and activation of the natural energy.

This massage is traditionally without the use of oil:

60 minutes     €50,00

90 minutes     €70,00

120 minutes   €85,00