The Thai Aroma Oil massage may be called a rather unique massage. A wellness experience with fantastic oil compositions is combined with several techniques of the Thai massage. Hands and thumbs stimulate the pressure points of the energy lines, vitalize the muscles and improve the blood flow. This massage, that is applied to the legs, back, abdomen and arms, brings great relaxation surrounded by wonderful oil aromas.

Traditional Thai massage is a 2500 years old healing art based on the Ayurveda based healing arts and the Buddhist spiritual healing arts, the Chinese healing arts, yoga and the traditional healing arts in the ancient Siam. The so called “Bloodstop” has a positive effect on the heart and vascular system. The Thai Aroma Oil massage is exceptionally effective for reducing tension and stress, and gives new energy. When you have experienced this massage in Thailand before, you’ll be “lost” forever.

This massage is not suitable for persons suffering varicose veins, high blood pressure, coronary disease and during menstruation.

Our treatment: Using the finest Etheric oils the tension in the body is reduced in a pleasant manner. Total relaxation for body and soul.

60 minutes     €50,00

90 minutes     €70,00

120 minutes   €85,00