The Hot-Stone-Massage is not exclusively of Asian origin. In the entire Asian, Pacific and American region the hot stone massage is known since pre-history. In Europe usually the Indian version is more popular. In the US some claim that the hot stone massage originates in Sweden, in Sweden however this massage is originally unknown. Fact is that the massage using hot stones has developed independently in several parts of the world. In Asia this massage was already known before the population of Polynesia and is linked to shamanistic healing arts. The word La-stone means lava stones and originates from the use of volcanic stones in Hawaii. The La part of the word is very similar to the Tibetan word for Life energy.

By placing and replacing warm and cold volcanic stones the flow in the lymph system is stimulated, the metabolism is improved and the distribution of energy is harmonized.

60 minutes   €55,00

90 minutes   €80,00

120 minutes €95,00