To make your massage treatment as successful as possible and to maximize the results of your treatment, on this page you find some recommendations and etiquette:

General terms and conditions

The general terms and conditions of the practice you will find via the link at the bottom of the webpages.

Customer Intake Form

At your first appointment we will ask you to complete and sign an intake form. The form includes questions about your health and any phisical problems you might have. Your personal data will never be shared with third parties without your written consent. For your convenience you can also download, print and complete the form at home. Customer Intake Form


We expect you to arrive clean and showered for your appointment, you will be asked to undress, keep your underpants on and lie down on the table facing downward. Clean towels and sheets that are used during the massage are provided by the practice and changed after every customer, you therefore have guaranteed clean towels and sheets and do not need to bring any from home.


Massage should not be done with a full stomach, it can cause nausea and cause you to throw up. We therefore advise you not to eat 1-2 hours before your massage.


A massage is for relaxation, turn off your telephone, speak as little as possible. It is no problem if there is a silence. Every person is unique and reacts in a different way, in case you find part of the treatment uncomfortable or painful please indicate this to the masseuse immediately.

Massage Oil

After a massage with oil or balm the oil will be removed from your body as much as possible with moist towels. Remaining oil should further penetrate the skin and muscles, for the best result you should not shower the first two hours after the treatment. Although oil and balm normally do not leave permanent stains on your clothes we do recommend to wear clothes that are not too sensitive.


To avoid misunderstanding we wish to point out that we offer no erotic services. Asking for this is seen as very disrespectful and can lead to refusal or stopping further treatment.