A variety of the Thai massage is the facial massage. Like other massages this massage removes tension and regenerates muscle energy by improving the blood circulation. During sleep the blood flow in the body slows down, resulting in less blood in the face causing light swelling and dullness of the skin. The Thai-Herbal-Facial-Massage improves the blood circulation recovering the color and freshness of the face and as a result the face looks young and tight again. The Thai Facial massage uses soft circular movements in the neck, face and head areas. The massage moves in upward direction which, when treated regularly, results in a younger looking skin. One of the objectives is to remove wrinkles and folds on and along nose and forehead, the nostrils are massaged to open pores and reduces skin spots. Mouth and cheeks are treated with circular movements to reduce laugh lines and to strengthen the muscles in the neck and chin area, reducing wrinkles and double chin.

Facial massage including peeling and combined with selected biological Thai herbs:

30 minutes       €30,00

60 minutes       €50,00